Rivendell Studios

Polymer Clay Figures

Polymer Clay Figures Sculpting with polymer clay is very rewarding and surprising when a whimsical figure comes to life.

Cloth Figures

Cloth FiguresHumans, animals and fantasy creatures sculpted from cloth, are created from imagination, patterns and images.

Terracotta Sculptures

Terracotta Sculptures Terracotta clay is fast to manipulate and suitable for larger outdoor sculptures.


Miniatures The appeal of miniatures is the challenge to create a scale replica of an object or person. 


Needlefelting Wet and dry felting. Needlefelting creates soft sculptures made from wool fibres that interlock with a barbed needle.  Perfect for birds and animals.


Artwork Three dimensional images are created through the manipulation of shading and a range of mediums on paper.

Textile Art

Patchwork The lure of textiles and colours compells me to create fabric art in the form of journal covers, soft sculptures or bags.


About Me Snuggling under a cosy quilt is well worth the effort!  Wall quilts also add warmth and vitality to a room.

Fantasy figures in cloth and clay is the major outlet for my imagination. I love sculpting characters with an appealing facial expression and designing appropriate costumes and accessories.  Capturing facial details has always been a fascination, either in 3D or on paper.  Working with colour, textures and creating with my hands is always a pleasure.  The transition seems like magic!