Rivendell Studios

I am currently offering three classes in doll making using needle felting and polymer clay sculpting techniques. They are suitable for all levels of doll makers or those wanting to try something new. I have designed the workshops with clear, simple instructions to create unique figures.

The brightly coloured, needle felted sheep class covers the basics of needle felting and is lots of fun. It is amazing to see individual sheep expressions appear!


In the needle felted Scally Wag class, I teach sculpting techniques with wool and how to insert eyes to create a cheeky individual character. His cute overalls are very simple to hand sew. He is an adorable creature who stands around 8" tall.


Create an imaginary original Fae Folk character using polymer clay. This cheeky fellow has a sculpted head, hands and feet with a wrapped body built up over a wire armature, he measures around 14". Other techniques taught include baking your sculpture, painting the polymer clay face, eyes and skin, wigging, clothing pattern design and costuming.


I am very passionate and enthusiastic about doll making and enjoy sharing my knowledge. Please contact me for further details regarding my workshops. [email protected]